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Document Services is a fully equipped, in-house document production facility utilizing state-of-the-art technology to produce quality materials for Pueblo School District 60.

  • Materials produced in our shop assist teachers in educating students and inform the public about Pueblo School District 60 schools and programs.


When ordering certain pages of a file, please reference

PDF page numbers instead of numbers listed on masters.

Google Docs

Do NOT attach Google Doc/Shared files. Please download them as PDF files and attach the PDF file to your order.

File Attachments

Please type all notes in the Special Instructions box before you attach a file. 

If only partials pages of a file to be printed: Specify the PDF page number(s) & DO NOT list the numbers printed on the scanned pages.

PROOF your file attachment before submitting your order. When you attach a file, it will create a PDF and allow you to view the PDF before proceeding with the order. It is your responsibility to ensure the file attachment is correct.




Instructions are posted at the bottom of this page.  *Reminder: 11 x 17 print/copies count as two copies.


Staff Switching Schools:

1. Log in, go to More, My Profile and update your contact info.

2. Email documentservices@pueblocityschools.us so we can change your budget code.


Help Logging in:

PCS Users: Log in credentials are the same as your Windows' login (firstnamelastname and same password).

If it's your first time logging in, after you update your info page, your account will need to be activated by DSC and you will receive an automated email once it's ready.

DO NOT select "forgotten password"; contact DSC.


D70 & Charter: Register, we will activate your account and you will receive an automated emailed when it's ready. If you forgot your password, simply select "Forgotten Password" on the log in screen.







We have samples online!

Select the link below:

Simply choose the style you need, open the PDF file, select File, Save As, save to your computer and upload to your order. Specify pertinent info for certificate.

Common Questions

# of Copies = the number of copies to be made of each master. For example, this is equivalent to the number of students in your classroom.

# Originals = the number of master pages. For example, if you send 10 fronts to copy and want them printed front & back (2-sided), enter 10.

Landscape printing: All landscape printed jobs that are 2-sided will automatically be printed to turn the page/flip on the short side of the paper.

How to print a Job Ticket: At the end of the ordering process, there is a button to print job ticket. You can also go to My Order, view the order and print the job ticket.

Printing Order  allows you to select the actual finished cut size and every printing & bindery option.

Store Items Order Yearbooks, blank paper/card, business cards, CD/DVDs, self-service lamination.

Job Status Names

Quote - Order is saved as a quote and only viewable by you. Must be saved and submitted to reach pending approval status.

Pending Approval – Your principal needs to approve the order on Print Shop Pro.

Submitted – Order is approved and ready for DSC to put in process.

Copiers – Order is in process to be printed.

Bindery – Order is printed and being packaged for shipment in school mail.

Shipped – Order has been shipped in school mail.

Customer Pickup – Order is ready for pickup from DSC.

Complete – Order has been shipped and completed for billing.


Budget Account Codes

If you need your site budget account code added to your account, please email: documentservices@pueblocityschools.us and include the code and name of the person(s) authorized to approve orders for this account code.

Bulk Mail:

  • All PCS and D70 bulk mailings must be processed through DSC. We print names, addresses, bar codes and the bulk mail permit directly on your newsletters. Once you have input your order, please email us your Excel address database file to: documentservices@pueblocityschools.us.

Site Delivery:

  • Both School District Warehouses operate the inter-office mail delivery. Pueblo City Schools delivers mail Monday through Friday during the school year.


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